Notre cabinet de sages-femmes évolue :
Depuis cet été, de nouveaux locaux vous accueillent : nous nous situons toujours dans le nouveau bâtiment, porte D, au 2ème étage, accueil 2C.( couloir de droite en sortant de l’ascenseur, puis au fond, à droite).
Nouveaux bureaux, mais aussi, nouvelles sages-femmes :
Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer de l’arrivée de 2 sages femmes au sein de notre équipe, Mme Marion Pichon et Mlle Aurore Barthès, qui nous apportent de nouvelles activités !
Et, bien sûr, nous continuons à assurer toutes les autres activités, afin de vous accompagner tout au long de votre vie de femme.

After birth

Breastfeeding consultation

Breastfeeding is an adventure that requires support and support.
As soon as you return home, your midwife offers you a personalized follow-up of your breastfeeding: home visits, depending on your geographical area, or consultations at the office.
This consultation includes an examination of the mother and child, a weighing of the baby and the observation of a feeding, in order to provide the appropriate advice.
The midwives of the practice are regularly trained in the follow-up to breastfeeding and offer you attentive support.
These consultations will be based on need and can take place regardless of the child’s age.
They are covered by your health insurance fund.

Perineal reeducation

Bureau de la rééducation périnéale

Perineal reeducation can affect all women, at all ages: young girls entering the period of genital activity, new mothers in the postpartum period, older women.
We offer individual sessions, adapted to your situation.
We mainly carry out manual rehabilitation, but can also, if necessary, supplement with electrostimulation and advise you in the choice of a device to use at home.
These sessions will be an opportunity for you to treat your discomforts and strengthen your pelvic floor, but also to get to know your perineum better and to protect it in daily life: it is an education as much as a reeducation!

Mother and child consultation at home or in the office

After the birth of your child, you can benefit from a follow-up for you and your baby, by the midwives of the office. This may include home visits, depending on your geographic area, or consulting with the firm.
This mother-child consultation consists of a complete examination of the mother and baby, a weighing of the child. It allows you to answer questions, give childcare advice and secure parents in their new roles.
These consultations will take place as needed within one month of your baby’s birth.
They are covered by your health insurance fund.